The Artistic Series is the culmination of years of experience and artisanship crafted into one beautiful cigar.. The Artistic Series features 4.5+ years of filler tobacco dressed up with ultra-premium grade wrappers. These works of art are sure to impress any cigar enthusiast. The Artisan series comes in bundles of 25. The Fatty 3 Wrap and Soloman 3 Wrap is a complex blend featuring a layered wrapper of: Connecticut, Habano, Maduro. The Toro 3 wrap features a Maduro, Connecticut, Candela wrapper.
wrapper: Connecticut,Maduro,Habano
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Body: Medium
Fatty 3 Wrap (6x60)
Box of 25
Salomon 3 Wrap (7.25x57)
Box of 25
Toro 3 Wrap (6x52)
Box of 25