Good ideas happen often, but they require commitment and vision to become fully realized. Serino Cigar Company was planted in the mind of Anthony Serino years ago and has since blossomed into a cigar company spanning a variety of unique blends. Anthony "Tony" Serino started Serino Cigar Company after putting 25 years of cigar-making experience under his belt. He set out to build his own ultra-premium cigar brand upon the foundation of his relationships with growers, factories, and retailers who share his love and focus for producing the finest cigars.
Tony Serino's experience and access to some of the best tobaccos on the market, all but guaranteed a quick transition from his vision; into a fully realized line of cigars. Serino Royale, Wayfarer, Vintage 2012, Taino, and Heritage represent partnerships and shared passion between Serino Cigars and our collaborators. No cigar is made by one man's hands. No cigar experience can happen unless something is shared. Serino Cigar Co. shares a tradition of excellence and quality with the hands and minds that produce the modern classics we offer to seasoned smokers and novices alike.
At Serino Cigars, aged tobacco, craftsmanship and consistency are our main priorities. A luxury cigar is only as good as the aged tobacco within it. We believe in meticulously fermenting world-class tobacco and then further aging it for a minimum of 4 years before being rolled into your favorite Serino Cigar. After the rolling process, all Serino Cigars are stored in our aging room for a minimum of one year.
Expert craftsmanship is a hallmark of every cigar produced by Serino. During the production process, we use traditional rolling methods implemented by the best rollers in some of the industry's most pedigreed factories. Working with factories like La Corona S.A. in Nicaragua and Tabacalera Palma in the Dominican Republic ensures our products begin and end with excellence. We at the Serino Cigar Company promise to uphold the highest standard of quality in our manufacturing efforts.
Thank you for joining us on our quest to produce the world's finest cigars, after all without an audience there can be no artistry