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“Another cigar that will surprise some of you is called Nino Vasquez (4 stars) and is distributed by Tony Serino of APS Distributers. Tony is still focusing on good cigars at reasonable prices, and the new Nino Vasquez delivers the message. It is a combination of Dominican and Nicaraguan Cuban Seed tobacco in the filler with a Connecticut Shade wrapper. The head has a traditional Cuban pigtail and the foot is closed. The draw is excellent, the aroma is that of a very nice traditional cigar and the flavors are little bourbon or rum-like.”


“I initially thought that the Nino Vasquez Cask Aged Connecticut would be pretty straight-forward in terms of flavor. It started off with a smooth, classic taste, and then somewhere around the middle of the smoke it switched gears and started to show some real complexity. The pigtail and closed foot made for a nice presentation, not to mention an easy cut and light, and this stogie smoked like a champ from start to finish. I have to think this particular vitola would be a great golf cigar, both because of its size and its easygoing character. I recommend it for anyone looking for an affordable cigar with top-shelf character and ultra-smooth smokability.”

JasonBest Cigar Blog

“I enjoyed this cigar. Even the one with the annoying split was a good smoke. The cigar is a solid, well-priced smoke with a good flavor profile. It starts a bit mild at the beginning but the flavors improve significantly during the second third. I’d say this is a great cigar to accompany your morning coffee if you’re a seasoned smoker, and probably one mild cigar smokers will find rather enjoyable.”

Brian HewettBrian’s Random Thoughts

“These cigars use a top quality Connecticut wrapper combined with full flavor, robust Nicaraguan and Honduran fillers.
Many cigar smokers have written excellent reviews about these smokes and they do come highly recommended. Cigar Aficionado has constantly given high scores to many of the Niño Vasquezes lines. The Antonius  line was awarded a healthy 93 rate.
If you’re looking for a good, powerful smoke with great construction where evidently attention to detail, try Antonius, Cask-Aged or King Series.”

Dr. Bennington